Freelance Poole Seeks Students from Universities and Colleges

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Lawson Media & Publishing seeks freelance writers to work on an as needed basis to produce and complete all sorts of writing and editing tasks as assigned by our project managers in our special project management application called The Freelance Poole. The process for getting started is simple. Apply for an account at Wait for a response from a recruiter/project manager. Once approved for freelance work, you will have an opportunity to claim assignments within the Freelance Poole, which updates its site with new projects when they become available. You will need to sign a contractor's agreement to become eligible but we have an easy way to electronically sign documents. You will need to create a bio/profile for our project managers to assess when assigning jobs/projects or approving your claimed assignments. You will have access to a variety of tools within the site to help you complete projects quickly and collaborate with teams. You must also sign up for the escrow service offered by one of our third party providers to ensure payments are secure. We facilitate milestone payments secured in escrow for our freelancers from our clients after we secure our contracts with them. Once the client approves a milestone, your payments are released. We manage the projects, payments and relationships with clients so you don't have to worry about anything other than completing your assignment by its deadline. More information about the Freelance Poole can be found at
This opportunity is for freelance work on an as needed project-by-project basis.
Robert Lawson
Advertising, Media & PR, Marketing - Brand Management, Marketing - General, Research, Writing / Editing
You must be able to write and speak native or fluent English. We are only interested in candidates that have a solid understanding of proper sentence mechanics, grammar, punctuation, spelling, context, research and the ability to summarize complex information. Some assignments require candidates with a specialized knowledge or interest in certain topics or the ability to analyze, comprehend and explain niche or industry-specific topics at length. Topics and writing styles vary. Writing or topics may involve advertising/marketing, technical writing/editing, journalism/news writing/editing, industry research, social media, interviews, reports, books/eBooks, blogs, articles, web pages, landing pages, newsletters, emails, instructions/how-to/about/tutorials/etc, manuals, documentation, case studies, scripts, headlines, subject lines, caption, transcriptions, translation (bi-lingual requirement), proofreading, content for apps/games/software, market research, surveys, etc. Topics vary greatly and we are looking for writers/editors with all sorts of interests/expertise in topics including, but not limited to the following: news, politics, business, B2B, Internet, entertainment, technology, food/drink, relationships, health, art/music, animals, sports, science, nature/environment, energy, pop culture, history, marketing, politics/government, shopping/ecommerce, fashion, DIY, home improvement, education, society, pharmaceutical/drugs, travel/adventure, video games, agriculture, finance, automotive, retail, services, media, infrastructure, transportation, world affairs, events, manufacturing, philosophy and more.
You must have great time management skills and self discipline to work as an independent contractor and freelancer.
Any major/minor welcome to apply.
Write, edit or proofread assigned materials within the Freelance Poole from LMP. Follow all instructions and communicate/collaborate with LMP project managers for the timely completion of content for our clients. Complete ALL assignments by given deadline. Create a bio/profile/portfolio for our project managers to use in assessing your skills/experience. Complete research as needed. Ensure you are able provide what is needed for the full scope of your assigned projects. Create a schedule of availability and communicate via Freelance Poole, email, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. as needed for workflow efficiency. Be truthful and accurate in all correspondence and claimed assignments. Plagiarism is not tolerated whatsoever. All content must be original and uniquely written by you as requested. Some assignments may require research, email/telephone/chat interviews with subject matter experts or others, revisions and investigation. Also, some assignments may require you to analyze and use data or sets of data to complete a project. Other assignments may involve the use of images, video or audio.
LMP provides companies with avenues to market their services with custom publishing, media and IT services. The Freelance Poole is a service built to help connect LMP to the best talent and the best (and most relevant) projects to boost its freelance network and streamline projects, budgets and operations.

All school years allowed
All majors allowed
US work authorization is required