A Network of Entrepreneurs: Freelancing as a Business Platform - FaaB

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The Freelance Poole is a service that attempts to bring together a network of freelancers and small agencies to create quality streams of work with direction and project management. Our Freelance as a Business (FaaB) platform allows us to leverage this network of entrepreneurs with diverse skills and deliver both quality and reliable projects on both the client and freelancer/agency side.

How do we do this? First, we have a great filtering system. We only want quality freelancers/agencies and quality projects with income potential and verified escrow milestones for secure payment processing between all independent parties (broker/client/freelancer or agency). In order to achieve this, we only bid on projects that are worth our time, and yours as a freelancer or agency. Likewise, we filter our freelance candidates personally with experienced project managers that assign project claims form freelancers to client projects from LMP, the company that built this FaaB platform.

Within the site, you get several features as a freelancer. We have taken the time to list those features here:

1. Free tools to open in new tabs in your browser are available on the links listed at the left once you login. These tools include audio and video production, graphics editor, animation tool, desktop publishing, calculator and a number of other tools for writers, graphic designers, web/mobile designers, developers, programmers, e-commerce specialists, sales and marketing professionals, writers/editors/proofreaders, audio/video producers, etc.

2. Free education resources to use in conjunction with this service. If you use CodeAcademy or ALISON through our site, then you can improve your Freelance Poole profile and bio to get priority access to projects. Make sure to take screenshots or save any certifications or other documents and course proof so we can verify your education/skills credentials.

3. Escrow is used to secure payments from clients.

4. Project managers who handle client relationships, proposals, sales, advertising/marketing, lead generation and bids will match projects to your profile and give you an opportunity to claim assignments. You can also claim them as they are posted on our homepage.

5. A Project Calendar and Timeline lists all projects within the Freelance Poole FaaB system, allowing you to stay aware of deadlines, progress and important dates/events for any projects freelancers/agencies are working on.

6. Your profile and bio is the key to your success using a FaaB tool like the Freelance Poole service. Do everything you can to stand out and have a solid portfolio, cover letter/description, resume, etc.

Sign up for the Freelance Poole if you are looking for work or projects in IT/technology, media, publishing, sales/marketing, advertising, data, software, creative, analytical, etc.