We Offer Clients Project Management in Addition to Outsourcing

Robert Lawson, Project Manager/Publisher/Media Specialist at Lawson Media & Publishing in Southern Minnesota

Here's how we set ourselves apart from other freelance services like UpWork (formerly Elance/ODesk), Guru, Freelancer or any number of others currently out there. We aren't simply facilitating transactions. You could say that a service like TopTal is comparable to the level of service that we offer, but even their business model is slightly different. The Freelance Poole is a project management and recruitment application developed by Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) to facilitate clients needs in various categories of work. Toptal works with mostly major enterprise firms. We offer our service to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that are looking for projects to be completed in marketing/advertising, IT, administration, communications and other functions to increase sales, brand awareness, operations efficiency and other targeted business goals.

We (LMP) manage projects ranging from eBook or print book layout production to copywriting and website design. We seek out freelance specialists from across the spectrum and screen their applications to determine their best fit and qualifications. Their data is collected into a private (not public) profile and accompanied by a rating system that project managers use to rate freelancers after a project has been completed. Project managers work with LMP or clients to assess needs, discuss goals, manage budgets, set timelines/deadlines, etc.

In the future, we plan to further develop the platform and allow certain clients access to their own special account to post their own jobs and work with preferred freelancers directly. Certain requirements and business judgments will be qualifiers for both freelancers and clients to reach preferred status. Currently there is no preferred status. Exceptional freelancers will be able to attain this status by continuing to develop a good relationship with LMP using the Freelance Poole. Clients will likely achieve preferred status through a mix of business relationship/history with LMP and a leasing structure for company use of an LMP web service.

So what does this mean? It means we're offering a new type of web platform: FaaB

What the heck is FaaB? No, it's not a fancy car from Europe. You're thinking of Saab. FaaB means Freelancing as a Business. The freelancers are independent contractors for LMP or active small agencies in the creative, IT and business fields. They operate independently through the Freelance Poole, where we manage projects and monitor their progress. We help facilitate payments to freelancers. LMP consults with its clients on the details of a particular project, whether its software development or content marketing or data entry in MS Excel. We take those discussions and the ideas, goals and budget and begin formulating a plan, including a timeline, freelance budget, work requirements and contract agreements.

LMP is not a staffing agency. LMP is a media, publishing and IT company based in Minnesota. We serve clients locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. We manage projects as a service to clients that need media, IT or publishing products/services. The Freelance Poole is a service of LMP. Freelancers are independent users and do not represent LMP nor its clients. Freelancers are not to be construed as employees of LMP. Clients LMP consults with do not represent LMP or the Freelance Poole. Hopefully, this post eliminates confusion as to who is responsible for what and how/why.

As a web tool, the Freelance Poole helps LMP, as a project manager for IT/media/publishing services, manage projects and seek experts across various fields and skill sets to assist in these projects. We also facilitate payments in escrow to ensure payment verification for freelancers. The service has no fee to freelancers but their applications are carefully screened. This helps us keep our clients and freelance partners happy. Thanks for reading!
-Robert Lawson
Publisher, Media Specialist and IT Project Manager
Lawson Media & Publishing
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