Freelance Work on Demand for Businesses


We Offer Clients Project Management in Addition to Outsourcing

Here's how we set ourselves apart from other freelance services like UpWork (formerly Elance/ODesk), Guru, Freelancer or any number of others currently out there. We aren't simply facilitating transactions. You could say that a service like TopTal is comparable to the level of service that we offer, but even their business model is slightly different. The Freelance Poole is a project management and recruitment application developed by Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) to facilitate clients needs in various categories of work. Toptal works with mostly major enterprise firms.

A Network of Entrepreneurs: Freelancing as a Business Platform - FaaB

Our goal is to leverage a community of reliable quality freelance entrepreneurs who are skilled, talented and hardworking and who are excellent networkers and team players. The Freelance Poole is a Freelance as a Business (FaaB) platform. It has great features for freelancers looking to interact with project managers that can bring quality projects and reliable streams of work, handling the client side so all freelancers need to worry about is completing milestones by deadline.